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​Zero Tolerance for drug or alcohol use. (No engaging in illegal substance manufacturing, possession and/or distribution will be tolerated.) You agree and give irrevocable consent that the house lead or owner may search through your property. If ANY drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, or weapons are found, or if you refuse to allow the search, you agree to immediately vacate the sober living property.

Zero Tolerance for stealing. Alive Recovery is NOT responsible for any loss or theft of any kind under any circumstances. Taking food from others without permission is considered theft. We encourage you to secure your valuables in your vehicle or a personal safe.

Zero Tolerance for destruction of Alive Recovery or other Contributors’ property and you may be subject to expulsion and prosecution from the house Contributor’s or owner. Absolutely no space heaters, candles, incense, devices that spark, cigarettes/cigars, vape chargers, or fire hazards of any kind in the home. You may charge your devices at the BBQ island outlets only.   No vaping or smoking in the house or front of the house. Smoke and vape ONLY allowed in the backyard designated area.

Zero Tolerance for sexual activity between Contributors.

Zero Tolerance for physical confrontation or verbal confrontation with owners, house lead, or Contributors. No yelling will be tolerated.

Any Contributor, who is on prescribed medications, must immediately inform the house lead. All medications must be taken as prescribed and will be monitored by the house lead and logged in. Medications will be stored in a locked safe and returned to you upon moving out if there is any leftover.

As a member of a recovering community, based on the principles of honesty, trust and helping to create a safe, tranquil, and sober environment, we request any Contributor who knows that another Contributor has violated any of these rules immediately report the behavior to the house lead, and/or owner.

Any visitor (non-Contributor) to the property will be asked to leave immediately if owner, house lead or Contributors suspect any use of illegal or illicit drugs, including alcohol. Contributors who have been asked to leave due to their own breach of rules will not be permitted back on the property.

All Contributors must keep their noise levels to a minimum! All music must be listened to with headphones. TV’s must be set to normal levels. No talking on your phone in the bedroom after 10PM. Please keep the peace or you will be written-up by the house lead.

No moving, modifying, or adding furniture (includes electric or electronic devices) without owner’s permission.

Only one vehicle per Contributor will be allowed at sober living home and must have current registration and liability insurance in their name.

Mandatory substance screening is required for the sober house safety and integrity. Refusal to give a urine, saliva, or breath sample will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the house and property. All new Contributors will be screened before moving in.

Upon testing positive for drugs and/or alcohol, Contributor will be given the opportunity to go to detox and possibly residential treatment and return after completion to Alive Recovery. The the owner of Alive Recovery can assist you with any rehab recommendations if you request it.

Contributors’ rooms must be clean and free of trash and clutter at all times. (Contributors’ beds are to be made when the Contributors are not in the bed.) Take out your own garbage and do the chores assigned to you by house lead or your monthly house contribution will increase and receive a write-up notice. Clean up after yourself, no one is your maid.

Curfew is 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 12:00 AM Friday and Saturday. Contributors are not permitted to have overnight visitors. All visitors to the property must be approved by house lead or owner and must be off the property by 10:00 PM Monday thru Sunday. Visitors are allowed at the house 3 days per week and only 3 hours per visit. Only one visitor at a time unless approved by house lead or owner.

Contributors must sleep at the house each night unless prior arrangements have been made with house lead and/or owner, overnight passes are given on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the house lead and/or owner.

Contributors will participate in ongoing mandatory house chores. Chores will be checked daily. Failure to do your chores is reason for write-ups and possible contributor status and dismissal from the sober living house.

Contributors will be allowed in common areas only. Do NOT leave the garage door open longer than 15 minutes unless moving in.

Put ALL cigarette butts in ash trays (do NOT flick them into yard). Be quiet and be respectful to your neighbors at ALL times.

The couches and sofas are meant for everyone. Only take up one space. If you need to stretch out or sleep, please go to your bed.

NOTICE: If you announce the word “suicide” or talk about harming yourself or anyone else, a 911 call will made to get immediate help from the authorities. The outcome of such a statement or event shall be grounds for you leaving the home immediately for proper care.

In addition to the house rules, you will also sign other agreements before you move in.  One such agreement is the contraband agreement.

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