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Friends having a good time together.



At Alive Sober Living, we believe in the power of peer support on the journey to sobriety. Our welcoming and supportive community is here to help you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life free from addiction.


Have you or a loved one recently discharged from rehab? Or maybe you're just looking for a place to call home that will support your sober lifestyle?  You need a place where sobriety is crucial for your success!  This often means staying away from the friends and places that trigger you.

We are not here to judge or shame you,  you've probably had enough of that already.  Alive Sober Living offers homes in Temecula Valley that give you structure with dignity and freedom to live, work, play, and rebuild.  We don't believe you need to be confined and heavily restricted.  Yes, we definitely have house rules and a house leader to keep things in check.  Drug and alcohol testing is mandatory.

Sobriety is taken very seriously at our homes.

You will find our homes to be one of the best sober living experiences you will find!

The main reason we're all seeking sober living is we want to succeed and lead happy, healthy, and successful lives for both ourselves and our families.

Our sober living home's help in the sustained recovery of those that are struggling with fentanyl addiction, opioid and heroin addiction; as well as alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, and many other addictions.


Start by living with other like minded people, by giving yourself a chance to maintain your sobriety and get your life headed in the right direction. If this is your goal then our Alive Recovery Home may be the perfect fit for you. 

However, until YOU are ready for a new life, nothing will change your mind.  We are here to help, to give you a chance to think, and take a break from the way you lived before.


If this sounds reasonable to you and you are serious about your sobriety, then take the first steps towards a brighter sober future and call.



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